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Well here we are.... You're obviously looking for something... more.

Let's get acquainted, shall we? 

A modelesque bundle of spontaneity and fun. My Eastern European roots blessed me with my lithe, petite frame and beautiful curves to match.



An avid student; I’m studying for master’s degree and also have a internship in my field -  however I simply feel too free spirited for 9 to 5 routine… for now.



If I have to describe myself in one word, I would choose “Lover”; 

Travel, art, literature, music, philosophy... you name it. 


I’m light-hearted, passionate. I love to learn and absorb all life has to offer. I am always searching for new ways to expand my mind and soul.


I like to think that I am an entertaining conversationalist with strong weakness for fine irony. I am a hedonistic millennial with predilection for the charismatic and sensual.


I love the tease and I enjoy letting things build up from the moment we meet to breath-taking finale: a small shiver of pleasure, hands gripping sheets… authentic and honest intimacy.



Tell me something about you. The fun lies in the details, no matter how unimportant it seems. What type of person are you? What is your passion? What gets you up every morning? 


And most important: your desires... What is it we can uncover and explore during our time together? 



It has been said that I inspire those who meet me to dream of life in extremes. I lead them astray with my gaze, my smile.

They follow willingly, filled with a vibrant zest for life. Being in my presence is heightened; magical…


Are you ready to be led astray? 




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